Mother's House is a 26-minute narrative short film about a man haunted by his childhood. The script is by turns lyrical and eerie, funny and terrifying.

Thomas and Catherine arrive at his late mother’s rural home. They are unprepared for what they find. Thomas can hardly remember the last time he was there, and Catherine has never even met the old lady. There’s a lifetime of accumulated clutter to sort through, and the couple wastes no time starting to empty the house. But more than just “mother’s things” await them in the dusty rooms.

The outside world recedes, and what started as a simple task now seems impossible, even dangerous. Possessed by memories and eerie dreams, Catherine and Thomas begin to feel trapped. Then they become aware of a third presence... a sweet-faced young boy, lingering silently in the half-empty rooms.

Catherine is anxious to leave, but Thomas is frozen; unable to discard his old toys, drawn irresistibly to his childhood bedroom. The couple is pulled apart, dismantling themselves as they dismantle the house. There is a terrible secret in mother’s house, and they cannot help but discover it.

Kathryn Erbe and Tim Guinee star as  the haunted couple. Denny Dillon as “Tracy” provides their last glimpse of the everyday world, and Eddie Schweighardt is the unearthly young boy who will lead them to the truth. Filmed in the picturesque Hudson Valley region of New York State, this genre bending film blurs the borders of memory and reality.